Story of Us

A bit about five young women in Global Studies who have united to work under the grand title of “Education Thesis”


Brenna is a Global Studies major just like all the other gals trying to focus her passion for wanting to “help”. Vague I know right!? But with education she feels at least that it is some sort of starting stone. With a semester in Thailand learning about issues that are not as prevalent in the United States gave her a new perspective on issues here. Such an experience has made her excited to be involved with the education team and bring her perspective and ideas to the table.

Taylor Taylor is a proud Spanish major whose love of learning took off when she started studying Spanish.  Through language, she began to see the learning process differently.  Her year abroad in Spain reinforced for her the link between language and empowerment.  Now she is on the Education Team hoping to explore this connection and delve deeper into languages in a globalized world.

Lynnzie In addition to Global Studies, Lynnzie is also a Spanish major. Her abroad experiences in Ecuador allowed her to gain insight into the global problem of violence again women, and she saw and was told about the need for education when it comes to combatting this issue. Experiences in ESL classes within the Providence public school system have also added to her interest in education. The combination of these global and local experiences have caused her to reject a conventional understanding of education as simply classroom learning and standardized tests, and to conceptualize education more as the very broad idea of learning.

Anne Seeking the answer to the question, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”, she is a double-major with Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies.  So far, her one wild and precious life has allowed her to have immersion and engagement experiences in Ghana, Perú, and Ecuador that have lead her question how to go about making change and how young girls can and should be an integral part of that, their own powerful force in their present.


After spending a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, I’m even more excited to analyze and explore what it means to be a “global citizen”. While there, I worked at a Xhosa speaking high school and had the opportunity to experience education through a non-western lens. I am hoping through this collaborative thesis project I will gain further knowledge regarding the impact learning English as a second language has on identity, specifically in multilingual countries. Through the thesis journey, coupled with GST Capstone, I am confident my idea of global citizenship will have more depth and diversity. I definitely have the travel bug alive inside of me and am hoping to be able to go back abroad post-grad! P.s.: This picture captures one of my favorite Cape Town memories, although it’s taken outside of Cape Town in Stellenbosch. It’s me and my BFF, Pedro the Cheetah.


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