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This space can be used to keep each other updated on our progress/ recommended books if we read something that could be useful to someone else / inspiration movies, clips, videos, songs, etc.

Book: The Shame of the Nation, author: Jonathan Kozol. In this book Kozol recounts his personal experiences working in inner-city schools, the racial composition of these schools, and other contemporary social problems that relate to public education

Book: Rebel Girls, Jessica K. Taft.  Through interviews with girl activists in Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, and Canada, Taft explores the construction of their activist and girlish identities, their methods of organizing and action, and notes commonalities and distinctions that arise from their contexts of action.


“The Beauty of Learning Another Language”
For fun:

This video was done to promote “El día e”, a day dedicated to celebrating all those who speak Spanish.  It’s June 23rd.

For anyone that has taken enough Spanish or studied in a Spanish speaking country and then come back to the US to find the plurality of slang is not working in your benefit, this video is good for a laugh. Que difícil es hablar el español!


This video gives a little look into Generation Citizen which both Anne and I are apart of at school. It engages kids in the secondary education to become active community participants inside and outside of class, especially in their own community. The idea of Generation Citizen puts a spin on typical mainstream education. What are we really looking to educate our kids with? The past of the future?


a poem by Gabriela Wiener

Escribir poesía a los diecisiete y que te digan que guardes tus poemas en el cajón porque escribes “poesía femenina”.

Ser esterilizada contra tu voluntad porque eres pobre.

Ser asesinada en un descampado porque eres puta.

Ser juzgada cuando ganas y cuando pierdes.

Ser revocada por izquierdista y por pituca.

Ser temida por los que no te conocen.

Ser pagada a medias, explotada el doble, acosada el triple.

Ser insultada por ser chola, por ser gorda, por ser inteligente.

Abortar a escondidas y con miedo.

Parir y criar a veces sola y a veces mal acompañada.

Librar una batalla diaria y extenuante contra el prejuicio y la miseria humana.

Postergar tu vocación, comerte tu ambición, vomitar tu rabia.

Resistir lo mejor que puedes los embates de la publicidad y la desinformación.

Mirarte en ese espejo y descubrir tu fuerza.

Construir tu discurso con quincha y con adobe.

Rebelarte contra el tedio

Llenar tu casa de sentido.

Darte cuenta de lo que eres y de que eres más que solo eso.

Enseñar, proveer, liderar.

Multiplicarte por dos, por diez, por todas.

¿Quiénes somos?


4 thoughts on “Books, Music, Photos, Videos

  1. OMG, I am in love with that “Beauty of Learning Another Language” article!! This just put the biggest smile on my face. Everything that article said I totally relalte to. I just can’t put it that eloquently. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Hi Education Group! After reading through some of you all’s posts, I thought a chapter or two from the book Walk Out Walk On might be of interest to some of you. The chapter on Mexico, for example, focuses on a community’s “unshakable belief in the power of people to claim their right to live and learn as they see fit”. It’s a short, quick, and powerful read that might have some ideas you can incorporate into your overall theme. I’ve got the book, so if anyone wants to borrow it (and guard it with your life because I love that book!), then let me know. (meanwhile, check out the website:

  3. Nicolette on said:

    the “Beauty of Learning Another Language” is perfect! Take me back to speaking Spanish, and only Spanish, everyday. Ugh!

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