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Out of Breath

I mean this in all ways of the phrase. I am physically out of breath from walking up the four flights of stairs in Feinstein and I’m mentally out of breath after the culmination of our Education thesis comes to a close. As I sit here at this probably extremly infected and germ ridden computer at the library I’m excited about presenting our thesis. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve done a great job using different mediums to capture about what it means to be educated and the definition in and of itself. My experience in this project has allowed me to broaden the way I think aboutn what I’ve learned and who I have learned it from. So just a little shout out to my fellow EduLadies, let’s kill it today and have fun with it as well! Let’s show em’ (Sharon Hay) what we got.


CP Reflection

It’s crazy to think that our time with our CP is over. IT seems like just yesterday we were “bouncin'” from EFA at the Annex. God that was terrible. I wouldn’t of had it any other way with our CP’s Lily and Sonia. Their effervescent had me always excited to go and hear their stories. The project, with them, was a learning experience for us as EduChicas. We went in with not only an idea of what it was going to be like but also an idea of what we wanted out of it. Both of those things have been completely altered as I sit down and write this blog post today. Our biggest barrier yet learning experience was us becoming flexible with what we would do when things didn’t go according to plan with our CP. Lily and Sonia shared stories with us that allowed us to broaden what it meant to be global learners. Although we are not only GST majors but have all studied abroad in different countries we still learn something new by talking to other citizen who are not originally from here. While Sonia and Lily didn’t give us our photos that we were hoping they put us in a situation to become creative and think of different way to use photo voice according to our project. Once we hit the ground running with our posters around school even our CP was able to participate in them as well. As a thesis group we challenged so many different definitions this semester including some that we thought we had defined on our own.

Just a Gal and her posters


This is what I call a “final event” selfie. Like Taylor said in her last post we met as a group last night in Slavin for a large remainder of our Sunday night and talked about our final event. As you can tell from the background of my “selfie” that we laid out all of our posters that we have put up and really looked over what we have accomplished over these past few weeks. It was refreshing to see what we had accomplished not only between us five yet also on campus. We all shared stories about how we heard students, professors, and friends talking about the poster we have been putting up around campus and the questions we have been posing.

While as a group we tended to get off topic a lot during our meeting last night with talking about issues at PC a large problem we discussed was the bureaucracy here at Providence College. Our frustrations lie in the issues about higher authority at our school silencing the voice of the students here on campus. Although our project for capstone has been on the smaller scale we have been able to give a sort of voice to the students that the authority at PC tends to hush. Our concern mainly comes from trying to be able to promote more people or space to keep up this democratic space where students can pose questions and create a dialogue. We’re hoping that our final event will be able to create something tangible to leave behind as we graduate.

Reflection CP

It’s getting to the point where I don’t look at our time with our CP as something that’s required, yet more as something I enjoy doing. Friday was another great time with our Ray ladies, and they we ventured some unknown territory as well! While once again they didn’t take an abundant number of pictures Sonia went out of her way to take a picture of something that reminded her of education. While watching TV she saw a commercial about spelling and she thought that was important in regards to education. After showing us the picture she talked to us about her issues with spelling in the English language. In most respects she was able to spell pretty well, but she had trouble spelling a lot of words that sounded different because we don’t have tildes or accents over letter in the English language. We were able to practice some words with her and at this point I felt like the teacher and her the learner/student. It’s great to be a in a situation where these roles are constantly being reversed and switched. Such role reversals is the way the education system should always be, and the way I see it being the most beneficial.

After meeting last night for a substantial amount with my fellow EduLadies we were able to illustrate the correlation between our CP and our education dialogue we’ve been doing around campus. We say that Sonia and Lily serve as an example for what education looks like and how we can learn things outside the classroom wether that is with Ray workers, on a poster next to McPhails, in a Capstone class, etc.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About…

I’m serious here, we gave them something to talk about! So just about ten minutes ago I was doing my thang in Slavin, making plants, eating popcorn, etc. and I get a group text from my fellow EduGal Anne saying to check out our new poster pronto. Ironically I was heading there anyway and as I approached I was thrilled to see some fellow peers standing there as well. Not only were they standing there they were chatting about what was ont he poster and a specific comment that was written. Amongst the already filled in poster there was a comment that said “Marriage Equality” and poiting to it was “Catholicism”. The two kids were very adamently discussing the two topics and why or why they did not correlate. One of the boys was arguing that they both do not need to be talked about together and that they are two seperate parts of content. The other guy was arguing that they are compeltely relevant to eachother because of the catholic churches stance on same sex marriage. The conversation/argument wasn’t getting too heated. But it was so freshing to see such an open and honest opinionated conversation space being created and fostered in a sometimes “not so democratic” space. Regardless I’m loving whats going on here. I know we’ve been feeling rather confused about our final event and end goal it’s nice to see things happening day and day.

ALSO sidenote: sorry about this slightly provocative music video…you know what i was getting at though?

CP Weekly Update

Sorry it took me a little while to do this ladiez! As we all know we’ve been busy thinking about what our final event was going to plan out being. Today we met in Slavin and discussed the feedback we got, and very much appreciated, from class on Thursday. Besides for that I still wanted to go over our meeting with our CP in Ray on Friday. We had a great time talking with the ladies, even though once again they failed to bring pictures. Even though this is a frustrating process when they don’t bring the pictures it still remains so obvious how happy they are about talking with us. We are establishing and fostering such a unique honest relationship with them, but our photo voice project in relation to them is lacking. Although most of our thesis is based off of this “photo voice” I believe our photo voice lies elsewhere on the posters we have been putting up around school. And we have been able to incorporate the Ray ladies into the posters we have put up in Ray.

This reality of not having our CP correlate too much to our photo voice aspect of our thesis has made me question what it means to have photo voice and does it really need to 100% connect? There was a chance for photo voice in a different way and we took it, yet is there still the possibility to have more photos with our CP without us relying on them bringing one every Friday?

Hay Hay

Sharon Hay took it down I repeat, Sharon Hay took our sign down. So yeah this is old news to everyone, but I haven’t really had enough time to reflect on it yet this week to post about it. She told me that she was “approached” about it by numerous students, but yeah and the sky is purple on Tuesdays. Regardless, Sharon (GST one) gave me the boost to go into her office with her and get the poster back. After awkwardly realizing she is not Carol Craft, we had a discussion about why it was taken down, etc. It just amazed me the whole time as I sat in her hypocritical office adorned with “Best Leader” awards etc. that this lady, for lack of a better word, has the right to tear down a conversation at an institution meant for students. The best part is at the end she said she would enjoy to have these “student facilitated conversations” yet just as long as the question was run by her first. I send her a question last night, and I still have yet to hear back from her. I’m sending her a “check up” tonight. Since I know how strenuous it must be to look over one simple question.

Besdies for talking smack about Sharon Hay our group had a great meeting in the heart of student city, McPhails. Right outside the scene of the crime, the taking down of our poster that is. Us EduChicas met with Tom and were able to have a great conversation about what our final event could possibly entail and what it means to bring about social change. As I still struggle with definitions wether that be the definition of activism, change, education, etc. there are things that come along once in a while that remind me what we are doing in worth while.

This morning after sifting through the trash PC calls e-mail I came across an e-mail from Nick Longo with Lynnzie copied on it as well. It read: ” Hey Brenna and Lynnzie, Do you have any visuals of the responses you got in Slavin yesterday? Very interesting and important project…Nick”. Although it’s small it was a reminder that there is a point to each task we go about. Wether a post lasts a week or 24 hours we are creating a dialogue, and moving in the direction of what I have been defining as, social activism.

CP Reflection/General

Just like most things in life, the more you do it the more comfortable you are. I feel as if this week with our CP we breached a new point in our relationship. While the session with them followed a similar prompt as we usually go by, there was a familiar dynamic shared between us and the Ray ladies. I felt as if they were more honest with us as well, and were able to share their stories. Yet they still have not taken specific pictures on behalf of our project. While we have shared photos on both ends, it has been through the medium of pictures that have been taken in the past. While this has been informative and brought forth other types of talk about prevalent issues us EduGals are still leaving our CP wanting more. Hence our literally “posting up” in Slavin. We wanted to be able reach out to something more than just our CP and be able to use a variety of lenses.

It’s interesting that while photo voice is the foundation we all have in our thesis groups I feel like each group is taking on a different interpretation on what that means to their CP and their group. This is of course due to the nature of our relationships with different groups, etc. regardless while there is a sense of anxiety because the photo project is taking on a different role then we thought. When we met today in Slavin we struggled with presenting to the class about what our final project would entail, yet we ended up providing a honest answer. That being, we have no idea. We don’t know how to really incorperate all of the different outlets we are working on behalf of, but we are hoping there might be a way to create an event that would house everything we ahve been working on this semester.

Le Freak

I’m sure you all know the song that my blog title is referring to, but this is exactly what happened to us on Friday. It was funny too because in class on Thursday Grace was like ” What if they don’t show up tomorrow?!” We were like nahh girl you crazy of course they will! Then low and behold they did not show up. It was frustrating, but in a way us EduGals needed it. It lite the fire under our bums and allowed us to get our minds not only collaborating but working beyond the stagnant relationship that is our CP. While it isn’t stagnant it’s more that we feel like every week we have a great session with them but it’s only once a week for such a short time so we get a little defeated in the scheduling aspect regarding our CP. Yet once we put our minds together we were able to think of “Reclaiming Education at PC”, while we have only had a few responses word is getting out about it! I’m so excited for what this could hold and the insight we could get into the education we have here at PC and the way everyone else feels about it as well. I’m still excited to keep up our relationship with our CP and hear what they have to say and show us in regards to photo voice. Yet it is refreshing to have something else going on in relation to our Capstone project.




What’s in a word?

After class yesterday us EduGals realized we had to hone in on what we wanted not only out of CP, but out of our group in general. Were we no longer the Edugals? Were we the Language Ladies, the Identity Muchachas? Speaking of identity, that is exactly what we were struggling with. I think a lot of our issue with our identity as a group comes from the restriction we felt within the word, education. How are we education is we are asking our CP questions about their homes in Providence and the DR? And sharing pictures of something that challenges us? Similar to what Taylor had mentioned yesterday in our group huddle, maybe we are struggling with our identity of EduGals because we are only seeing education through a certain lens? Here is an article I came across while researching some things on education reform for my internship. The text illustrates that we tend to harp on a word because of it’s meaning while there could be multiple facets in which it could be understood. This is an excerpt that relates:

“Once we get beyond a dictionary definition that is often of little practical value, the meaning we assign to a word is actually an expression of a belief, not an absolute fact.”


I think this is just something our group should keep in mind as we search for our identity not only as a group but with our CP as well.


Here’s the link to the article:

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