Five Girls, One Dream

It’s hard to believe that life as we know it at PC is quickly coming to an end. How did this happen and where did the time go?

Amidst the stress and anxiety that comes during finals week, the edugals were able to compartmentalize our other exams, paper and work and focus 110% of our attention on our final event yesterday. We poured all of our energy into this project and making sure that our CP and audience got the most out of it. Looking back on the final event, I couldn’t have been happier. We had well-known faculty and administrators there who were receptive to our idea of a democratic space. There were also younger students there that not only participated in the dialogue but seemed interested in getting involved with constructing this free space. Now comes the important part: sustainability. How can we make sure dialogue is continued after we graduate? Ideally we are planning on meeting with Kristene Goodwin and Raphael Zapata to discuss how we visualize a free space on campus.

Now, for the sappiness.


Coming into Capstone this year, I only really knew Brenna, and was acquantances with Lynnzie from previous classes. I had few to no interactions with Anne and Taylor, so when we all were grouped together in the Education group I had no idea how the year would unfold. However, the uncertainty of work ethics, schedules, and personalities were quickly overlooked by our united passion for understanding education.

Each of us brought something different to the table, and despite our anxiety attacks and frustrations, there was always a support network between the five of us. They each taught me the importance of patience, building from different ideas, the beauty in laughter and energy and what it really means to work as a team. While I feel grateful for gaining insight into what education and learning means, I am even more grateful for the new friendships I made along the way.

I have no doubt that my four amazing group mates are going to change the world. They each have a genuine curiosity for learning and without each of their amazing ability to see the bigger and brighter picture, I would have been lost this year.

So, edugals, I thank you for the early meetings in Davis, the late night meetings in Slavin, the ambush of the SAIL office, EFA, the Abbey, the memories with Sonia & Lily, and free dinners from T, the jokes from Brenna, the support and work ethic from Anne and the leadership from Lynnzie. Working with you all taught me a great deal about myself and the importance of perseverance when bumps pop up along the road.

In the famous words of Elle Wods, “We did it!”

All my love-



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