Out of Breath

I mean this in all ways of the phrase. I am physically out of breath from walking up the four flights of stairs in Feinstein and I’m mentally out of breath after the culmination of our Education thesis comes to a close. As I sit here at this probably extremly infected and germ ridden computer at the library I’m excited about presenting our thesis. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve done a great job using different mediums to capture about what it means to be educated and the definition in and of itself. My experience in this project has allowed me to broaden the way I think aboutn what I’ve learned and who I have learned it from. So just a little shout out to my fellow EduLadies, let’s kill it today and have fun with it as well! Let’s show em’ (Sharon Hay) what we got.


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2 thoughts on “Out of Breath

  1. I love how she made the suggestion of asking another school about how they set up their democratic space..she’ll probs be cringing if this happens!! Great job today girls!!

  2. Sharon Hay i mean.

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