CP Reflection

It’s crazy to think that our time with our CP is over. IT seems like just yesterday we were “bouncin'” from EFA at the Annex. God that was terrible. I wouldn’t of had it any other way with our CP’s Lily and Sonia. Their effervescent had me always excited to go and hear their stories. The project, with them, was a learning experience for us as EduChicas. We went in with not only an idea of what it was going to be like but also an idea of what we wanted out of it. Both of those things have been completely altered as I sit down and write this blog post today. Our biggest barrier yet learning experience was us becoming flexible with what we would do when things didn’t go according to plan with our CP. Lily and Sonia shared stories with us that allowed us to broaden what it meant to be global learners. Although we are not only GST majors but have all studied abroad in different countries we still learn something new by talking to other citizen who are not originally from here. While Sonia and Lily didn’t give us our photos that we were hoping they put us in a situation to become creative and think of different way to use photo voice according to our project. Once we hit the ground running with our posters around school even our CP was able to participate in them as well. As a thesis group we challenged so many different definitions this semester including some that we thought we had defined on our own.


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