CP reflection

I just want to say how glad I am that we spent our Friday afternoons with Sonia and Lily this semester. Even though the photo voice component of the project, in terms of them taking pictures to tell their stories, didn’t go exactly according to plan, I think that, in terms of relationship building, we nailed it. As global studies majors, I think we’re well aware that everyone has a story and that anyone, regardless of her background, can teach us something. Even though this was not a new idea at the start of the semester, it is always amazing to experience it again and again.

Working with Sonia and Lily has reaffirmed a lesson that I learned abroad and what I consider to be the most important thing I have ever learned- the fact that laughter, love, and friendship are not limited by culture or language. Sonia and Lily always thank us at the end of our time together, but I think that we really should be the ones thanking them. They asked us very sincerely to please stop by to say goodbye before we leave, which I think shows that the five of us are not the only ones who have valued our time together this semester. I can only hope that in the future there are other PC students who realize who incredible Sonia and Lily are and take the time to get to know them and share stories. They truly do have so much to offer.


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