CP Reflection by the gringa

As Taylor and Lynnzie both have posted, our last session with Sonia and Lily was filled with laughter like usual.  Sonia teased Grace about her cerveza, Taylor about her prince, and looked me in the eye and said, almost shocked, “Tú eres gringa” (you’re a gringa).  We almost died, given that we’re all gringas, but she went on to say that I am gringa gringa for my blue eyes, light hair, and profile.  If nothing else, I am successful in looking like the exported image of an American woman!  It was such a riot and led to a discussion of why some people don’t like being called gringo.  It was yet another sign of how close we’ve grown this semester that Sonia felt comfortable telling me like it is.  Lynnzie and I need to find a way to sneak into Ray to say our official goodbyes.

I printed off all the pictures I could find that we had taken, and as they went through them, they remembered almost exactly what we had been talking about that day.  For all of us, our weekly meetings were memorable.  We gave them invitations to our final event, though given the time they said they probably couldn’t make it.  We had wanted to use our time on Friday to let them pick which photos to show at the event, but they were so excited looking through them that we didn’t get that far.  Our time was also a little short because they had to end their break on time to go prepare turkey burgers.

The educhicas are now in a flurry of work preparing for our event on Wednesday.  We’re trying to put together a powerpoint that highlights important responses, we’ll have the posters set up, the pictures from Sonia and Lily, and the pictures from our facebook page (most likely).  We’re also trying to figure out how the flow of the event is going to go, in terms of balancing the stories of our storytellers with encouraging our social change (I’ll post more on that soon, don’t worry).


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