“I HAVE to go”


The title of my post refers to a phrase that Sonia likes to repeat often at our sessions. She said it to us the first time we met when we were talking about the differences in language and culture. In a very light-hearted and fun way, she described how Americans always say I have to go and she would always wave her hands up and down when she did it. It always cracked me up. She said it today too, but this time it wasn’t only her and Lily that would be leaving.

Anne printed off all the photos we had taken during our sessions with Sonia and Lily and we had them look over them. They loved it! They were cracking up over some of the photos. They even remembered what we had been talking about the day the photo was taken. It was really cute and fun to see them looking over the photos. We told them the concrete details of our event so hopefully they can come! We asked them to select which photos they would like to see included in the final event and they seemed glad that we were incorporating them.

We spent most of the time looking at the photos and rehashing the memories, but we also talked a little bit about graduation and future plans with them. We then got into a discussion about the term gringa which was quite comical.

I’ve found the CP experience to be quite rewarding. It was definitely a challenge at times trying to coordinate everything, but I would never trade those Friday afternoon sessions for anything. Sonia and Lily have really made my Capstone experience that much richer and I will forever keep them in my heart along with my EduChicas.

going over photossonia reacts to photos


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