WHOA–bringing it full circle and kickin’ it up


When: Wednesday, May 8

Time: 4:00-6:00pm

Where: the Fishbowl

Who: every single one of you

While my lovely group might be ready to sit on me and be like, “Anne, CHILL”, yesterday I was completely swept up in activist adrenaline.  It started with Lynnzie’s and my independent study celebration lunch at the Abbey with Dr. Grossman (I won’t say goodbye lunch), led to the hoodie rally led by Cedric and Dr. JZ, a peer mentoring dinner where I ran into Raf, and then a meeting about the Smith Hill Café (which I’m not even going to be around for, tear).

At the rally, PC’s issues with race and diversity were again brought to the fore.  A group of students and faculty marched from Harkins to Slavin lawn, chanting, then singing songs from the Civil Rights Movement.  As Cedric said, it’s sad we still have to singing them.  After that, there was a space for professors to explain why we were all there (check out the article tom posted on facebook) and then the megaphone became public property.  Students came forward in a succession to tell their stories about discrimination that they had felt on campus and to stand in solidarity and support of one another.  Every bit of it reflected a story behind the responses we have been seeing on our posters.

It brought everything full circle.  I used my lit review in a paper I wrote for another class (without the feedback I am STILL WAITING ON, THOMAS R. KING).  Reading it again, one of the quotes I had used was a reference to a girl activist who had said she learned far more from the people who shared their stories at rallies than anyone who had ever spoken at her.  It was a space where we were learning from each other and it was an education in activism, community support, and solidarity.  I salute Dr. Jordan-Zachery and all those who were involved in facilitating that space.

After the rally, Lynnzie and I jetted down to our posters in Slavin.  The “PC has NOT taught me” boards were full and we had one giant one left.  Inspired, we wrote a new one, “Dear PC Administration…”, on the last board we had.  After that, I sat down on the nearest couch and sent out emails to the students and faculty I had recognized at the event, eager to keep the momentum going.

We realized last night that invitations are going to be far more expensive than expected, but we need to have them printed so we can distribute them ideally Monday, but Tuesday could work too.  To do lists are my thing:

Before Saturday:

-Send out as many invitation emails as possible.

-Design postcards (thank you Sarah and Magali for responding to my frenzied texts last night)

-Send them to Kaytee Stewart or someone who can send them to Copy Center to have them printed.  (pay that department back)

-Print off pictures of/with Sonia and Lily–my idea is to print them in color on printer paper so that half of the page has the picture, and they can use the other half to write about the picture, so we can use them at our session Friday.  Thoughts?

-Have last session with Sonia and Lily (colorful from Holi).  😦


Pick up and distribute invitations.

-Assemble our pictures and posters–figure out plan for displaying them in the ‘bowl.

-Make powerpoint of targeted responses.

-Decide on flow and facilitation of the event.


set up

-make it happen

This song always plays in my head when it all starts happening like this:



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