Here we go!

This afternoon I drove with Taylor and another friend to attend eco-social’s thesis presentation. Right off the bat everyone knew it was going to be a success; the energy and excitement was almost tangible. The room was set up in a way that was super conducive to walking around, reading captions, looking at photos, and interacting with the students/CP. After talking with a few students it became clearer than ever that EcoSocial had provided them with a space to foster their interests in the environment. They truly let the voice of these amazing students shine and it was incredible to see if unfold tonight.

As we approach our final event (fishbowl, next wed, 4-6pm), everything is becoming real and it is awesome. I honestly can’t wait to engage in a dialogue about what education/learning means. We just need to figure out invitations, print and arrange photos, talk to Lily & Sonia, and figure out how we are going to present months worth of work. I think if I learned anything from ecosocial’s presentation tonight, it was that the most important part of this presentation is to highlight the *voices* of the CP. For edugals, our CP has been an interesting combination of Lily & Sonia in Ray, and the entire student body.

On Friday, there is a “embracing diversity” dinner/conversation with Father Shanely that Lynnzie and I RSVPed to. If there is still space and we are admitted, we hope to share our experiences with this project and tell everyone that they are invited to continue the conversation next wednesday. It’s exciting to see that this conversation with Father Shanley is taking place, but it’s just one step and many many more need to be taken.

Anyways, I need to hit the hay. Tomorrow is my last day of classes as a college student…shit what am I doing to do with my life. Actually whoa, Grace, now is not the time to ask myself these loaded questions. !ADIOS!


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