A break…what does that even mean?

Thanks to Brenna for stopping to acknowledge the victims and families in Connecticut.  I feel sick every time I read an article about it.  The thought that haunts me is that there are really two tragedies: one, the innocent deaths and every life they touch (everyone’s, truly) and two, that I can’t escape the feeling that this could have been prevented.

While I remember those lives cut short, my own and ours continue.  I wanted to post my “to read/do” list for this break on here because there is some correlation between written goals and achieving them.  Most of them directly correlate to our project, too.  So, in no particular order…

  • Read Pedagogy of the Oppressed (I have seen this title mentioned too many times not to read it)
  • Read Walk Out Walk On (thanks Magali!)
  • Read to prepare for spring break Witness for Peace delegation to Nicaragua (some of these are very in line with the ethical considerations we’ve been looking at in class)
  • Begin putting together monster paper for independent study with Lynnzie and Dr. G
  • Read Doing Visual Research
  • Practice digital storytelling–poem written abroad and autobiography

A few weeks ago, I went to a lunch with Eric, Nick, tom, Sarah, and co. (being other GST, PSP, Feinsteiners) about digital storytelling.  Eric showed us some AWESOME sites that I hope to use for the last bullet point.  Here they are so that anyone can check them out over break.  We don’t ever really “break” do we?

Story Center — has a bunch of examples of digital storytelling and other interesting resources

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling — a GOLD MINE for us.  It has everything you need to teach yourself and then show others how to put together a digital storytelling project.  It’s pretty important because if we try to work with other people to do a visual storytelling project, we should probably know something about it ourselves first!



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