that awkward moment when…

I haven’t updated since before handing in my lit review.

So I submitted my lit review last Thursday (the first day they were due), and before I could write a celebratory blog post, I heard a rumor that all lit reviews that had been handed in so far were done wrong. So I didn’t feel like celebrating anymore and my glorious feeling was gone.

But even though my incorrectly written lit review is behind me (at least for now), I would like to let the blogging world know that I am not at all done with my topic. Last Friday, I had a casual interview/meeting at Sojourner House, where I will be interning next semester. Sojourner House, located on Smith Street, is an organization that works to both support domestic violence victims and to prevent violence. The woman who interviewed me was really impressed that I have done research on this topic for capstone and had firsthand experience with it in Ecuador. I am really excited to get to intern there and see for myself how my topic is playing out in the real world.


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9 thoughts on “that awkward moment when…

  1. t.r. king on said:

    What you heard, about the lit reviews being wrong, was rumor. We have not said anything to anyone about them, nor will we until we finish reading them all.

  2. lynnziemm on said:

    oh. so perhaps i can restore my glorious “my lit review is done” feeling?

  3. What a relief tom! I know that my Lit Review was probably not the best, but I did put in a lot of effort in my research. I guess we will just have to wait and see when we get our papers back.

    • lynnziemm on said:

      hahahaha Corra, that picture is terrifying!

      • I have a slight obsession with Smeagol. He is one of the few characters who knew what they wanted in The Lord of the Rings, and he died trying to achieve that goal. Despite the fact that what he wanted (the Precious) was not good for him, I think it is admirable that he fought to the death to protect his interests. Kind of like myself…I try hard to keep my hopes and dreams alive, and I don’t give up too easily.

  4. t.r. king on said:

    Yes, Lynnzie, no matter what we think, you all put in a lot of work on the lit reviews… you all deserve a celebration!

  5. Lynnzie, congrats on Sojourner House! That sounds awesome! I had no idea you were doing that. The internship will be a great way for you to connect your abroad, thesis and outside of class interests. Keep us updated! I’m so happy for you!

  6. Lynnzie, that’s great that you will be interning there! Have fun with that and let us know how that goes. It seems to tie in perfectly with all your research and prior experience. I’m sure you will be a very positive asset to the organization and its clients.

  7. lynnziemm on said:

    thank you so much for all the comments, everyone! i will definitely be sure to post more when i know more about what i’ll be doing and can make specific connections!

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