tonight’s meeting

EduGirls met tonight in Slavin. Our meeting was centered around community partners and our CART research project presentation on Thursday. First, Anne, Taylor, and I updated Grace and Brenna on our community partner adventure and meeting today. Basically, everything that we told them can be found in Taylor’s post below. We’re all really excited about working with EFA and so far they seem to be a great fit with our education lens and capstone experience. I just want to emphasize how much this organization functions like our capstone class functions. They have eliminated the idea of hierarchy from their decision making process and come to a consensus on changes and proposals, like we did with our grading system. (except for the part where they have only NINE people).

After we were all on the same page with our community partner, we banged out our research plan. We made a powerpoint, which I don’t think I can upload on here. (?) I’m not sure how much detail I should go into in this post, but we talked about all of the questions and did our best to answer them. For example, two of our biggest concerns with this project are the big time commitment (6:30-8:30 Monday-Thursday) and transportation. It was also hard for us to answer some of the questions, such as the project timeline and what happens in the future, since we had literally just met our community partner five hours ago. If any of my group members or tKL think that I should elaborate more in this post about our research plan, I will gladly add more information, but I don’t want to give everything away that we’re going to talk about on Thursday in our presentation, and Taylor just explained our potential project in the previous post.

After the powerpoint was done, we went our separate ways to continue chugging along- to use Taylor’s choo choo train reference- with all of the work and nonsense that must be completed before the end of the semester.


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