Lit(erally) Done

Okay so this blog post is a little late..but I did finish my lit review on Friday! Although it feels strange to say “finished” just because what we are doing is a whole year-long process so to put a DONE on my Literature Review almost seems inappropriate. Regardless I had a great experience cumulation of my information for the whole thing, and it was crazy to see it play out in all different organizations that I am a apart of and of course classes as well. I left my review off with a research question that delves into the issue of these great collaborative means and methods trying to be integrated into classrooms without being deemed “Alternative” since that holds such an array of prejudices.

But after we went over our presentation today for Thursday and what our community partner has in store for us I’m excited to use the research I have gained from my Literature Review and put that into the lesson plans that we create for the classes through EFA. The possibilities are endless my friends….OvEr&OuT



this has nothing to do with anything I just soley for your entertainment to get you through this hellish school week…god how annoying was this girl…


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2 thoughts on “Lit(erally) Done

  1. sharron303 on said:

    Damn you B! Now this is stuck in my head. ugh

  2. She has my haircut…awkward.

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